Test print from today’s class. I am



In duty there is no love. The structure of duty in which the human being is caught is destroying him. So long as you are compelled to do something because it is your duty you don’t love what you are doing. When there is love there is no duty and no responsibility.

– Krishnamurti, Freedom from the Known,83



Photo: Velid A.

Worked a lot for several months and it was only natural to get myself some treats. Nothing too exquisite – simple retro watch, two sterling silver rings and a new phone ( bought it used ).

Had some trouble finding nice non-leather watch, but this one was just perfect!

Also ordered polyester fedora hat, it was really hard to find vegan options because most of them are made from wool. Expect it to arrive in a week or two.

Went through similar trouble earlier this month while searching for vegan shoes, but found great cheap ones at Deichmann store made from some type of fabric.


Disappointed to find out that McDonald’s french fries are not vegan.



Doing some linocut for our printmaking class.

Professor suggested that we start with line-art portraits, and be careful not to cut out too much material, because we are unable to restore it. Otherwise, if we start with fewer cuts, we can always do another intervention and remove excess.

Also, it is advised that we use ‘V’ shaped knife, and only in later stages to switch to ‘U’ shape.

It seems that proper technique plays a huge role, because it uses less physical strength and allows us better control over lines. Alen also gave me some good tips that I try to incorporate.

Next step is to do a test print, and prepare three more sketches.