Another week is behind us. Lets use this opportunity to revisit some things one have observed in the past, but might forgot them over time:

  • Do a little bit every day
  • Plan, but be flexible
  • Organize things
  • Aim for progress, not perfection


It was September 3rd, 2016 – day that I officially decided to go Vegan. Several months before that I followed mostly Pescetarian diet ( But ate fish so rarely that for the most part I was Vegetarian ) Having said that, being Vegan is more than just a food choice! It is sharing love and compassion, which makes perfect sense and agrees with teachings of my favorite philosopher, Jiddu Krishnamurti!

So, what changes did I experience in the last month or so? There is so many things to be said, but will try to narrow it down. My observations are as follow:

  • Mind is more clear, as if there is one less burden in life
  • More energy
  • Lower body-fat levels
  • So many new information, options and choices – but yet so simple and easy to follow


(Photo: October 11, 2016)

Many people seem to be afraid of going Vegan, probably thinking that by removing animal products we are somehow going against our ‘carnivorous instincts’, not getting enough nutrition etc. – but reality seems to be that we were never carnivores in the first place! And there is no shortage of nutritious foods, on the contrary! More on that in later posts, but basically it seems that our bodies and organs are that of herbivores and always have been! But why and where did we go astray? It may be, after all, that our egos got so much out of control that we wanted to show dominance by eating flash of other species, slowly but surely hurting and poisoning not only ourselves in the process, but life as well..


Almost skipped figure drawing session today, was kind of tired and moody but decided to go anyway. That turned out to be good decision, because it helped me relax and do some nice studies. Our professors stressed importance of:

  • Observing
  • Looking at form from different angles
  • Going slowly, not rushing too fast
  • Staying away from way too geometric shapes, but instead trying to let the lines flow



More than a week since we started this semester! Quite a few tasks waiting to be done, but everything is going well. We are doing large format ink drawings, and while at first I had some trouble getting used to technique, now I am starting to feel more and more comfortable.

Some observations:

  • Using ink straight out of a bottle is not such a good idea – small shallow lid is preferred. That way there will be no excess ink, and thus no unexpected leakage
  • Our professor advised us to avoid calligraphic pens while drawing
  • With ink we can achieve beautiful lines which can go from extremely thin to super thick – that property adds new dimension to our drawings

Hello world!

There is a great joy in writing! Its been quite a while since my web domain expired, even longer since my blog database went down! Fortunately, most of the data is saved but sometimes it is such a slow process of putting everything back together! I’ve been writing on and off in my personal journal, but sometimes it can be more convenient to do it in this, digital form – so why not give it another go?!